Women's Clothing

Polleur Trends is an online store of women's clothing that combines fashion and elegance. The aim is to provide women with a wide choice of modern, casual and chic clothing.

Mens Clothing

On Polleur Trends, men's fashion is in the spotlight. Are you a man who likes to dress neat? Are you looking by all means to be trendy in the way you dress? Polleur Trends men's clothing online store guarantees you will make excellent choices!

Children's Clothing

Boys clothes, girls clothes, you can find any clothes you want to dress your child with Polleur Trends store!

Jeans, how to wear them and which models to choose?

Jeans are the ultimate comfortable garment. Clothing for men, women and children, their versatility in fashion is unparalleled!

Men's fashion: Fall-winter 2021 and 2022 trends

Today, the Polleurs-trends online store explains the essentials to know at all costs about fall-winter trends for men's clothing.

Symbolism of colors in men's and women's fashion

When you wear a garment of a certain color, you automatically transmit an energy, a vibration, an emotional state.

Women's fashion: How to wear summer clothes in winter?

Do you have a summer dress that you love so much that you want to wear it even in the colder seasons?

Flare pants and flared jeans for women: what are they and how to wear them?

Fashion changes and in fact every season we are offered different models, colors and even combinations.

Men's fashion summer 2022: trends not to be missed!

Today we're going to take a close look at the features that will make men's fashion for summer 2022!

Women's clothing: what are the fall 2021 trends?

Have you noticed the incredible number of fall trends this year? We get the impression that women's fashion is playing all its cards and that designers are overflowing with ideas!

How to dress children well for fall and winter 2021?

Summer is over and the cold season is just around the corner. In other words, it is high time to take a look at the novelties in children's fashion for this fall-winter 2021.

How to dress children well and in style?

One of the big concerns of mothers is the fear of never dressing their child correctly according to the season and to prevent him from falling ill.

The latest trends in children's fashion

Children's fashion has nothing to envy to that of adults! The Polleur Trends clothing collections designed for children are super trendy.